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  • Development and supply of special equipment for cultural and educational institutions
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The company is engaged in the development and supply of special equipment for cultural and educational institutions. We offer a full range of services for equipping museums with high-end professional equipment.

All the equipment we supply is designed specifically for use in museums, and has a number of features that will help you solve the following problems:

  • the formation of a permanent exposition with a high coefficient of reliability;
  • the formation of a temporary exhibition space;
  • organization of storage and lighting of exhibition areas;
  • designing and equipping the museum storage and restoration workshops with specialized equipment.


  • We can produce any showcase from simple to the most complex of materials such as glass, metal, plastic, MDF, chipboard, precious wood, etc. Our showcases can be of various sizes and shapes: rectangular, triangular, angular, multifaceted, multisection, with array elements and others.

    Showcases can be airtight with an installed climate control system to maintain a certain level of humidity inside.

    The glazing of a vertical showcase can be different: made of 5 mm float glass, bleached, tempered, laminated (triplex), with an armor plastic, with protection against ultraviolet radiation.

    Access to the showcases - hinged, sliding glass doors, removable front and side windows.

    Showcase lighting: dimmer, LED, luminescent, halogen, fiber optic. Lighting is warm or cold.

    Showcases are equipped with continuously adjustable height shelves and various podiums and stands.

    Showcases are locked with locks with varying degrees of protection from simple, for glass doors, to complex locks with a pin key system and a molten striker.

    To compensate for uneven floors, adjustable supports are installed at the base of the showcases.

    All showcases and museum equipment supplied by QAZNEOTECHNOLOGY comply with all requirements and international quality standards.


    Having ordered showcases from us, you will receive:

    External compliance showcase with the overall design of the exhibition hall. Our showcases present the exhibited objects, while remaining almost invisible.




    Wear resistance. The company specialists guarantee that the showcase can serve you for a long time without any structural changes or costs

    Harmlessness. All materials used in the manufacture of showcases pass the Oddy test method for the inertness and emission-free use of metals, fabrics, wood and glass. UV radiation inside the showcase under no circumstances will be more than 10 nW / lm, air exchange - not more than 1% of the showcase volume (the test is carried out by the method of recording carbon dioxide)



    Security. Steel frames are used in the manufacture of showcases to guarantee the stability, integrity and strength of the structure. Laminated glass is used by default.


    Lighting equipment in the display case is precisely calculated according to the requirements of permissible light, IR and UV emissions, according to the requirement of custodians for the safety of exhibits. If necessary, the luminaires are equipped with dimmers - continuously adjustable light.

    Convenience. Each showcase, even the largest one, can be opened by one person, access to display service (alarm equipment, replacement of sorbent cartridges) is without access to exhibits.


    Climate control. Active and passive climate support is possible. At the request of the customer, the production of showcases with an oxygen-free environment and a remote control function can be performed.






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  • All objects are subject to natural aging, however, if weaken the effect of adverse factors on them, the process can be slowed down. For this purpose, a certain storage mode is established in the museum.

    To store items in the museum, a special room is equipped - a fund storage, which is often called a storeroom. The fund storage system can be separate or complex. Our equipment for fund storages meets all the requirements. The equipment is made only of those materials that do not have a harmful effect on museum items. All cabinets and racks are convenient for placing exhibits, protects against mechanical damage, dust and does not condense moisture. Cabinets for objects with increased photosensitivity are opaque, and for objects requiring light access, cabinets with glass doors are provided. All equipment makes it easy to get items for inspection and study.


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  • Each modern gallery and exhibition hall has a suspension system for paintings. The main requirements for such systems are versatility and ease of maintenance. This is necessary for removable exhibitions and galleries. Suspension systems for paintings are used to hang a picture at any point along the rail-profile, special hooks allow you to perform the suspension at any height. We offer a full range of patented picture suspension systems, allowing you to quickly and easily create expositions of any complexity. Installation of a rail of a suspension system is very simple. Using hooks, cables and fishing lines, you can easily change the hanging of your paintings, photographs and posters. In addition, thanks to the use of our suspension system for paintings, you no longer have to make ugly holes in the wall. Thanks to the use of suspension systems for paintings, you can change the position of your work on the wall without nails and screws. Once you buy this system, you will have fun all the time while you use it in a museum or gallery.

    Our managers will offer you numerous solutions with which you can safely, quickly and elegantly hang pictures. We deliver to anywhere in Kazakhstan and the CIS with the help of transport companies

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  • The design of museums and expositions is of great importance today. The customer is not always able to independently prepare a project for re-equipment of the exposition for a number of objective reasons. And in this situation we come to the rescue.

    After close communication with the museum staff and collecting their ideas regarding the future exhibition, our designers begin to create a photorealistic 3D design project.

    As a rule, at this stage we develop and approve the design and functional features of the equipment.

    After approval, we proceed to the manufacture of museum equipment, its delivery and installation

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  • Rental of exhibition equipment has many advantages:

    - You get high quality equipment for an exhibition or other event, regardless of the area provided to you. At your service are stands and additional elements of any sizes that successfully cope with the tasks assigned to them.

    - You do not need a warehouse to store structures. Renting stands is extremely beneficial because you do not need to look for a place to store stands. If necessary, they will be brought directly to the exhibition.

    - we value your time and guarantee prompt delivery of exhibition equipment to anywhere in the city by our own transport.

    - You will be advised by the best experts in the field of exhibition equipment. QAZNEOTECHNOLOGY staff will help you choose the necessary equipment depending on the nature of the event and the goals pursued.

    - You can order a «turnkey» service. Our mobile teams of professional installers will come and install all the equipment and assemble it at the end of the event.

    - QAZNEOTECHNOLOGY leases the whole range of exhibition equipment: showcases, podiums, racks, any additional elements of exhibition stands, furniture for exhibitions, office equipment, video and audio equipment, household and climate equipment.

    - exclusively certified constructions meeting all safety requirements are provided for rent. You can contact our specialist through the feedback form or by the phones indicated in the contacts.

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